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Honeycutt's Cleaning Service is a five star client rated Cleaning Company Servicing the Tri-Cities, TN and Surrounding Areas. At Honeycutt's Cleaning Service we believe there is no perfect company only perfect customer service!

Terms and Conditions
At Honeycutt's Cleaning Service we want to make sure we are providing our customers with the best possible customer service and highest quality of clean you can find in the Tri-Cities area. Here are a few things we would like to share with our customers so they are prepared for our visit:

What do we provide?

We provide all the equipment necessary to do our job for you! Including all natural cleaning supplies infused with essential oils; which is pet, child and elderly friendly. We also provide our own 99.9% allergen free vacuums, professional steam cleaning system, sponges and microfiber towels. We do this to save you the hassle of going to the store and buying a list of products for us! Also, we clean and sanitize our equipement before entering your home. Now, you have nothing to worry about other than sitting back and waiting for our arrival!

What do we ask our customer's to provide?

The only items we request our customers provide are toilet brushes in each bathroom for sanitary reasons. We want to ensure we are providing the healthiest experience for you! Other than that, we provide everything else!

A few things to do so you are prepared for our arrival

First and foremost we are a cleaning service! To ensure we are providing the best experience for our customers, we ask that you remove all loose items from the floors such as laundry, toys, etc. Also if you added a linen change to your cleaning package we ask that you leave the clean linens on each bed before our arrival. If they are not left we will be unable to change them for you. Maintaining an effective, timely scedule is important so we ensure we are providing all of our clients the best service possible. For that reason, we do not hand wash dishes. If you have a dish washer we will load a few dishes for you up to a small sink full. We do offer a full service trash removal from your home. We will dispose of any trash and replace the liner for you. Please have the liners readily available for future use. 


To keep our scheduling up to date and our cleaning specialist informed we require a 24 hour cancellation notice. If we arrive at your home and cannot access the home without a 24 hour notice of cancellation, a $40.00 Charge will be applied to your account If payment has not yet been received. This is only to ensure we are providing all of our customers with the highest quality of customer service when it comes to scheduling. Also, see the refunds section below for further pricing information when cancelling.

Pricing & Payment

Pricing on our cleaning packages varies depending on several different factors such as size of the home or office, pets, & services requested. We want to ensure we are tailoring to the exact needs of our customers. House cleaning can be time consuming and many companies will charge more than what some can afford. Whole home cleanings are typically priced by the square foot, but we can also customize an hourly rate plan that will fit your specific needs and budget. Scheduling an estimate with one of our team members is the best way to create a plan that will fit you or your business perfectly.

Note: Payment is due by end of day the day services are rendered.  If the payment is not received by the day, a $50 Charge will be added to your account along with the amount due for services rendered. If payment is not received after 60 days, other actions will ensue and fees will be applied to your account accordingly.


The satisfaction of our customers is most important aspect of our company! Customers come first and we will always guarantee our work! If a customer is truly unhappy with the services provided we will revisit the home for free and clean all areas to the customers satisfaction. A cleaning inspection will be done during or after our visit by a Cleaning Operations Manager, and a follow up call will be placed to ensure you are satisfied with the services we provided you. Because we do everything we can to make sure our customers are satisfied we do not issue refunds. The only time we will allow a refund is if a customer cancels 24 hours prior to the service day and has already paid for services in full. Otherwise, payment will be assumed forfeited.

Thank You For Your Business

Most importantly, we appriciate your business! We value our customers because they are not only supporting a Veteran owned business, but our customers help support our mission to better the lives of our military men and women! We are not just any cleaning service, we have a purpose! We are looking forward to building long-standing, trusting relationships with our customers. So, once again thank you!